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Mossyard Dance for Film

Photograph of Mossyard

Mon 29th, Tues 30th and Wed 31st August 2011

Sarah Jackets (dancer and digital artist) invites you to take part in 3 days of dance for film through the landscape at Mossyard in Dumfries and Galloway.

This Creative Lab will develop a piece of improvised dance for film at Mossyard tombolo, an extraordinary tidal landscape on the Galloway coast. Mossyard presents a challenging theatrical environment in which the space changes dramatically as the tide moves from both sides.

Three years ago I began a series of improvised dance, sound and film experiments at Mossyard. This Creative Lab will develop the work at Mossyard and in a studio space.

Exploring particular group elements of the improvisations by using a reductive process to reveal and develop the narrative and direction. The studio sessions will provide a safe space to focus on stamina, groupwork, and explore choreographical and film devices. My aim is to understand more of the role of dancer/director in an improvised space and subsequently create a structure to develop a piece of choreography for film at Mossyard.

The dance sessions in the studio and on location will be accompanied by double bass player Al Collins.

Taking part is FREE and basic accommodation is available.

Open to dancers with experience in contemporary dance or contact improvisation.

Please apply with a brief outline of your experience/interest, and why you would want to take part in this creative lab, there are limited places available.

Further information will be provided by email to anyone taking part.

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